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Bruno X country_edited-1Bruno X Country is South Jersey, and that’s where I’ll be on Saturday October 3. Specifically, I’ll be signing copies of The Violet Crow at the annual Collingswood Book Festival.

As the map shows, all of the action in The Violet Crow takes place in the corridor that connects Philadelphia and Atlantic City, NJ. The murders take place in “Gardenfield,” which is based on my home town of Haddonfield. Psychic detective Bruno X lives in a trailer out in the Pines. And the story’s exciting final confrontation takes place “down the shore.”

That’s why it’s so exciting for me to come back to South Jersey and present my book in person to readers in my home town.

Discounts for festival-goers

It’s traditional to offer discounts at the Book Festival. I’ll be selling The Violet Crow for $12.00 per copy. It’s a quality paperback that retails for $15.00.

VioletCrow_Cover finalI’ll be bringing as many copies as I can from the west coast. But if I happen to run out, I’ll be happy to extend the discount to people who buy from me directly. (I’ll simply ship you a signed copy as soon as I get home.) Or, if you prefer to order a copy from Amazon, I’ll have special autograph slips available that you can lay into your copy when you receive it. Plus $1.00 of genuine U.S. currency that you can spend any place that accepts cash.

Discounts for everyone

And, because not everyone has the good fortune to be in South Jersey in early October, I’m happy to extend the same offer to everyone—from now through Halloween. Just send me an email at mickeyz@msheldon.com with a screen capture of your receipt for the Crow and I’ll send you an autograph slip and a crisp, clean dollar bill. (Don’t forget to include your mailing address.)

More great holiday deals coming in November

As the holidays approach, my focus will be making it as easy as possible for you to acquire unique gifts that are sure to please your family, friends, clients, and co-workers. Copies of The Violet Crow are appreciated—almost universally. And when you buy several, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire vintage fine art photography for practically nothing. Does that sound like something Yogi Berra might have said? If you don’t believe me it could be because you’re paying attention. 


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