Picture of the Week: Compost Mandala #39


I photographed the contents of our “compost drawer” once per week, during the calendar year 1991. Week 39 corresponded to September 18, which my notes say was Yom Kippur. The idea was to create images for a 52-Week Compost Desk Engagement Calendar. Sort of a Sierra Club parody. The rules of engagement for the photos were ...

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Picture of the Week: Happy Mother’s Day

Any number of wise guy remarks come to mind. But yesterday’s post celebrated free speech with Lenny Bruce. Now we’re looking ahead to Mother’s Day, so a measure of reverence and solemnity is in order… What are you looking at—pervert?

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Picture of the Week: Seattle’s Lenin statue

Our Lenin is the fierce one. According to Wikipedia, the sculptor “intended to portray Lenin as a bringer of revolution, in contrast to the traditional portrayals of Lenin as a philosopher.” But that’s not what the freedom-loving people in Czechoslovakia wanted. Erected in 1988, they pulled it down as soon as they had the opportunity ...

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Picture of the Week: Liberty Island

A special tribute to publisher, Liberty Island

The new publishing firm, Liberty Island, is blazing a trail through the traditional publishing world. I just wanted to thank them for including me as one of the new American voices that should be heard. My gratitude goes out to Adam Bellow and David Bernstein for their insight, courage, and support.

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