Stand Up: Dunkin Bagel by Slim Gaillard

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 11.50.52 AM

This post is a belated father’s day tribute. My Dad had two Slim Gaillard 78s and it was both pleasing and surprising to discover they were part of his listening repertoire. Unfortunately, YouTube has only a few live live performance videos of Gaillard playing with a band. “Yep Roc Heresy” isn’t available, and the one that ...

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Buddy Hackett: Good, clean, redneck humor

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Buddy Hackett was a regular on Johnny Carson. A regular part of their banter was the fact that Hackett would always try to sneak in a dirty joke or two on national television. On this occasion, he told “the duck” joke, which has no four letter words or sexual references, but is funny funny funny nevertheless. Video quality ...

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The Wind-up Joke Machine

Henny Y

Henny Youngman is the thinking man’s comedian. You have to think really hard to figure out why he’s funny. This short video at the Friar’s Club explains a lot, as you can see the reactions of other comedians to Youngman’s random wit.

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Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh!

allan sherman-edit

1962 was the year I became a Jew. My ancestors, as far I know, were Jewish on both sides back to Abraham and Sarah. But for whatever reason, the Sheldons (anglicized from Selkowitz or Zelkovitch) used to celebrate Christmas—not Hanukkah—from 1950 to 1962, and I attended a Quaker elementary school. Then, in 1962, my father decided ...

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Lenny Bruce reads his indictment

lenny bruce raw_edited-1

In one of his final performances, Lenny Bruce came on stage with a copy of his indictment for obscenity. He read from it in detail–explaining, ridiculing, and satirizing in turn. The best parts are when he reads the court’s description of a routine that was considered offensive–usually in circuitous or euphemistic language. Lenny would say, ...

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Rickles roasts Reagan

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What took more guts: Firing the air traffic controllers, forcing Iran to get their mines out of the Gulf, walking out on Gorby at Reykjavik…or inviting Don Rickles to roast him at the second inaugural? Some much needed laffs to propel you toward the weekend…Enjoy.

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Jackie Mason explains about Jews in restaurants


Who’s my favorite comedian? Glad you asked. Jackie Mason. Here’s my favorite clip, where Jackie provides his characteristic “sociological insight” into Jewish behavior at health club and restaurants. Sorry, the video is herky-jerky at first, but settles down after a minute and the rest is, dare I say it, comedy gold. Got a favorite joke or ...

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