GIGO and the Unicorn


This is number two in The Joy of Clutter series Last time out, I described the stable of new age writers that I helped support in my first job out of college. Since spiritual teachers tend to hold themselves apart and above the material world, it’s fun to look at their all-too-human foibles: Ram Dass was ...

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Para-people and the Magic of Decluttering

Take me to the United Nations!

I waste time because I’m careless and don’t always pay attention to where I put my car keys and wallet. But a messy house is nothing compared to the lost time and mistakes caused by not keeping my mind in order. This has become a particular challenge as we had to clear out my mother’s condo ...

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The Jewish Noir anthology is DRECK


PM Press, publisher of a series of appealing-looking “Noir” titles, has a distinct “anarchist-vegan” political agenda. In the volume I looked at, the stories aren’t really noir. And worse, they’re really boring. I write about a Jewish detective. So you can understand why I would’ve been eager to get my hands on a new book called Jewish ...

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My evening at Bill’s

bills montage_edited-1

Gorilla gorilla. Smiles all around. Soon after returning from our east coast trip, Mickey Z asked me, “What are you going to do now that you have the monkey off your back?” I knew exactly what he meant. After decades of frustration, I now have irrevocably crossed the line into published-authorhood. For me, having the real book ...

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Bruno X Country

Bruno X country_edited-1

Bruno X Country is South Jersey, and that’s where I’ll be on Saturday October 3. Specifically, I’ll be signing copies of The Violet Crow at the annual Collingswood Book Festival. As the map shows, all of the action in The Violet Crow takes place in the corridor that connects Philadelphia and Atlantic City, NJ. The murders ...

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Alan King’s encyclopedia of Jewish humor

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 10.06.03 AM

In this eight-minute video, you get a lesson in the evolution of Jewish culture in America during the 20th century. The set-up is King’s mother’s request for her 49th anniversary: She wants the whole family to come to dinner at her apartment. King explains that his parents have eight married children, 18 grandchildren, and 42 ...

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