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Free fiction: TBOP (The Beast of Philadelphia)

TBOP*flat_edited-1I just wanted to remind everyone that there’s a free story up at Liberty Island. TBOP (The Beast of Philadelphia) describes Bruno X’s first interview for a job as a psychic detective. It takes place on a¬†cold, rainy day in October when the Phillies were poised to capture the World Series…but the game got suspended for a day-and-a-half for bad weather. Only time that’s ever happened. Naturally, everybody in the city and suburbs was on edge–particularly a sensitive guy like Bruno. To make matters worse, there’s a serial killer on the loose. And, as usual, the Chief of Police may have an ulterior motive for hiring a Jewish psychic detective.

This story is actually the first chapter of a novel yet to be written, called The Philly Dog. The Philly Dog was a dance craze from the early 1960s when the USA was “the land of 1000 dances.” TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia) was the theme song for the TV show “Soul Train”–and the signature tune for what became known as the Philly sound. After you read the story, check out this video for amazing hair styles, clothes, and dance moves.

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