Inside the Crow

How do you solve the ultimate mystery, where the murder victim has no identity and there’s no physical evidence? 

You go psychic—deep psychic—and hire Bruno X.

Sure, you’re going to have to put up with some Yiddish trash talk and recycled borsht belt shtick. But he’s the only one who can who can stop the crime spree in the ordinarily placid Quaker community of Gardenfield, New Jersey.

Follow Bruno X as he fends off rabid journalists and feckless politicians; untangles webs of deceit in Professor Littlejohn’s Deviant Behavior 101 class; reveals why the Quakers are still fighting over decades-old military medical experiments; and finally, uncovers the secrets of the biotechnology firm whose symbol is The Violet Crow.

From Chapter 1: “Normally, the children would have walked two-by-two in silent contemplation. They knew they were supposed to be getting ready to talk with God.”