Reviews and Blurbs

Comments about The Violet Crow from authors, reviewers, and good old-fashioned readers

“Michael Sheldon’s Violet Crow is an original debut that promises good things to come, and Bruno X is like no detective you’ve ever met.”

Thomas Perry, author of The Butcher’s Boy and String of Beads
Los Angeles, California

The Violet Crow made me want to haul my furshlugginer butt back to Jersey and find a hot chick to privilege me with her hegemonics. I inhaled it like a cheesesteak.”

Ian Lamberton
Tacoma, Washington

“I am a fan of interesting characters, a compelling story, a setting that is so well described that it somehow becomes a main character, and a good read. The Violet Crow has all of these elements. The book is lively, compelling, and hard to put down.  It is suspenseful, but that isn’t the best part. I like Bruno X for his ability to figure stuff out—psychically, intuitively, or whatever—but I also like him because he is clueless!”

Amy Miller
Austin, Texas

“A wonderfully entertaining ride, so get it soon!”

Don Lippincott
Boston, Massachusetts

The Violet Crow dishes plenty of suspense with a dollop of Michael Sheldon’s unique brand of humour. A smart read with a surprising protagonist.”

Catherine Murphy
Vancouver, British Columbia

“The Violet Crow
is the first installment of the riveting thriller series from Michael Sheldon featuring the psychic Jewish detective, Bruno X, aka Joey Kaplan.  Sheldon does an outstanding job describing the nuances of Quaker meetinghouses, biotech science, police investigative techniques, and psychic phenomena in this engrossing page turner. I read straight through and finished in one night. The series is a sure-fire winner and I can’t wait for the sequels.”

Dan Grossman
San Francisco, California