The Louse

Bruno X and Chief Buddy Black are back.

This time they’re in California, special guests at a celebrity wine tasting.

Six people drink from the same bottle. Two of them drop dead—the others are fine. The forensics lab finds no trace of poison. But there’s enough ill-will among the rival wine critics to gag a giraffe—or a zebra.

Then Peaches drops in—now she’s a TV journalist, and when she reports, people die.

phylloxera lifecycle 3

The Louse is Bruno X’s craziest adventure yet. The story structure combines the developmental biology of the phylloxera (vine louse) with the archetypal hero’s quest. In the late 1800s, phylloxera came within a hair’s breadth of destroying the wine culture in Europe. Now Bruno X must find a way to stop the 21st century louse–before it’s too late.

Coming Hannukah 5776. (Kineahora.)