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Picture of the Week: Compost Mandala #39

marigolds2-CM39I photographed the contents of our “compost drawer” once per week, during the calendar year 1991. Week 39 corresponded to September 18, which my notes say was Yom Kippur. The idea was to create images for a 52-Week Compost Desk Engagement Calendar. Sort of a Sierra Club parody.

The rules of engagement for the photos were as follows: Our kitchen had a drawer fitted with a Rubbermaid wash tub. It was right below the cutting board, so you could sweep scraps directly into it. Once a week, at a time when I thought the contents looked ready, I’d take the tub outside and photograph the contents. There was no planning what to include, with the exception of coffee grounds. After the first few weeks I realized that brown-black sludge was dominating too many images and spoiling the results. So I decided to exclude coffee grounds. Other than that, there was no placing or rearranging, though I did sometimes tamp things down to make the depth of field easier to manage.


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