Psychic Rewards

Your support is so valuable, it’s invaluable. That’s why the only way to reward loyal readers like you is with something beyond price—original art.

psychic2My photographs have long been collected, displayed, and published by discerning individuals and institutions. Now you can own an image of your choice: Every time you buy a copy of The Violet Crow, you’ll earn “psychic rewards points” that apply, dollar for dollar, against the cost of an original print.

For example, if you buy 10 copies of the paperback at $13.00, you’d instantly have 130 psychic rewards points (each worth a dollar), which you can spend as you please in the Kineahora Photo Gallery. As you’ll see, the majority of works are priced at $130 or less, which means you’d be getting a fine art photograph for free.

You’ve probably already figured this out, but I’ll tell you anyway: There’s a perfectly good reason for buying more than one book—let alone 10. Books make great gifts at any time of year. It’s convenient to have copies on hand for occasions when you don’t have time to shop. When people who are important to you come to visit, you can casually hand them a copy saying, “I think you’ll like this; it was written by a friend of mine.” Oh, the prestige.

And, when they’ve actually read it, they’ll be grateful that you shared the laughs and excitement of The Violet Crow with them. So grateful, some of your friends may actually invite you back to their homes. Business contacts will include you in their biggest deals. And relatives will consider putting you back into their wills.

Plus you’ll get a signed original print you’ll be proud to own and display. And, we’ll inscribe your name on Mickey Z’s Wall of Fame for Distinguished Patrons of the Arts and Letters. Coming soon.