Supernova-hot Celebrities


Long John's Wig: Courtesy Paradise Theatre, Gig Harbor WA

Author-actor Ian Lamberton’s “tangents” are destined to meet in time I met Ian Lamberton at a job interview. I wasn’t merely desperate—that’s a normal state for a fiction writer. Things were dire, because I was 40 years old, my first child was due, and it was way past time to get real. Ian conducted the interview ...

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Stellar Storyteller: The Legendary Worlds of Kia Heavey

When you start reading Kia Heavey’s books, Night Machines or Underlake, you will most likely be deceived. You’ll be reading along, enjoying precise descriptions and emotionally accurate characters—the qualities that are prized by fans of realistic fiction. But, then, without the courtesy of a bolt of lightning or a fall down a rabbit hole, you’ll ...

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She’s a gem


The art of jewelry maker Francesca Lacagnina Francesca Lacagnina’s jewelry is easy to appreciate. Her earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings are rich, opulent, highly textured, and, often representational. But each individual piece is subtle, like a character in Lawrence Durrell’s Alexandria Quartet, with layers that peel back and shape-shift and surprise you. For example, her cuffs are ...

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