Left Behinds
Compost Mandalas
Stromme: The Life of a Suitcase
The Family Romance
Europe 1976
Left Behinds—Under the Table; Mom & Dad; Fan; Jalousie
Compost Mandalas—#s 39, 2, 32, 38, and 36.
Stromme—Origins; Stromme's Dream; The Denoument. 
The Family Romance—Photos in and near Atlantic City, NJ.
Europe 1976—Boboli Gardens, Florence; Backside of Santa Maria in Carmine, Florence; St. Mark's, Venice; Istanbul; Carnivale, St. Gimignano.
USA—Big Fork, Montana; Seattle; Pipeline; Molokai. New Haven, Connecticut 1973; Statue of Lenin, Seattle; Outer Banks, NC; NYC; MOMA; New Haven.
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